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First year of life in Alvermarka Grim was born on December 29, 1979, in Bergen. The family had just built a house in Alvermarka, just outside Knarvik, where he would spend his childhood with his parents and three siblings: Gina, who was four years older, and Ørjan and Joel, who were two and 10 years younger. Grim loved his upbringing in Alvermarka. With the sea just a few meters away, Grim used to organize competitions to be the first to run down and stand in the waves when the catamaran passed by. During his childhood, Grim had many good friends, especially his cousin Anders who lived nearby.
His childhood was marked by many adventures, both in the woods and fields. He had plans to build a castle in the forest, similar to the one in Robin Hood. He made his own crossbow with iron arrows that went straight through the house wall, and he designed the most incredible LEGO constructions without instructions.

Grim's general creativity in childhood Grim had a rich inner world, which was expressed through numerous drawings and comics. He developed characters like Lion Tony and Woody & Usme. Together with his cousin Anders, they planned to publish them as a comic.
He always had many ideas, and it seemed like there were no limits to what Grim could achieve. Early on, he experimented with making cartoons using overheads and still images. He sold Christmas booklets to save money for a camera that he later took everywhere. He created a surveillance system in the house so he could eavesdrop on conversations in other rooms and made an alarm system inside his own room. Everything was meant to be experimented with and tested.

Interest in films But above all, it was the world of films that fascinated Grim. Walt Disney was one of his greatest role models. He spent a lot of time developing his skills in drawing and filmmaking to bring his inner life to reality. Films were not just entertainment for Grim; they provided access to another world. "The Lion King" was not just a children's movie; it was a film that gave him faith in his dreams. "Remember who you are" was one of the quotes Grim held on to even in adulthood, as a reminder of his idealistic nature and essence.
Grim in his younger years Grim attended the local school in Alversund until the family moved to Uppsala, Sweden, in 1991, where he attended a Swedish public school for a year. When the family moved back to Alvermarka, Grim started at Bergen Christian Primary School, where he made several new friends. Despite being academically talented and excelling in his studies, it was the creative and artistic pursuits that captivated him the most. He made a film called "kolden eye," named after a teacher, which parodied various teachers and the school environment. The film gained significant attention. Grim created excitement and engagement, involving those around him.
After high school, Grim served in the military and was stationed at Herdla Fort. There were some long shifts, but he still had enough time for creative endeavors. His film, "Herdla: A Warning from Those Who Survived," was a fictional documentary intended to reveal the real truth behind life at the camp. There was always humor and liveliness around Grim.

After the military, Grim lived in Bergen with his friends from high school in a collective called "Slottet" in Kronstad. In many collectives, residents usually stayed in their own rooms, but that wasn't the case at Slottet. They would all gather in the living room most evenings, engaging in both lighthearted and profound conversations and heated discussions.
Oslo and the film career Eventually, Grim decided to move to Oslo. He studied International Business at BI and landed a lucrative job as a sales consultant at Orkla Media. He was very successful in his sales job. Despite this success, Grim wasn't satisfied. He dreamed of working with and living off film. He decided to leave his life in Oslo and moved back to Bergen to study film at the Noroff Institute.

His sales job in Oslo, however, developed him into an exceptional seller. Partners have said that Grim could sell and convince anyone of his ideas. He achieved incredible things. After establishing the film company Fram Film in 2006, one ambitious project followed another. We remember the promotional video for Posten, shown throughout the Nordic countries, the music video for Magnet, and the music video for Clean Bandit with 50 million views, the innovation conference Grow in Bergen Næringsråd, the screening of Mission Impossible at Preikestolen, all the films for and with Meltwater News, as well as promo projects for Telenor, Grieg Group, Microsoft, and the gingerbread town in collaboration with Helge Jordal. He was often the one who sold the idea and managed to deliver far beyond expected quality.
On an evening in Prague on February 10, 2012, Grim took a walk to the castle and admired a blood-red sunset over the city he loved. It was then that the idea came to him to capture the beauty of reality. This idea marked the beginning of a long and arduous journey around the globe under the company name Natural Light. His films touched many, and he received the "The Black Dolphin" award for best camera in Cannes in 2017, an award previously won by his role model, David Attenborough. He also won silver for best tourist film.

Several of Grim's projects also received broad media coverage, such as "Winter in Trondheim," where he used drones and time-lapses to present Trondheim in a magical way. The headline in Dagbladet read, "Spectacular Fog Video over Trondheim: Haven't Seen Anything Like It in Years." He was also interviewed by BBC and AirWiz in connection with his projects. The 2.5-hour-long filming over New York also received considerable attention. The story behind it was as unique as Grim himself. He had a special ability to find the right contacts.

Grim's next significant project was to film 105 destinations for Expedia. This was his opportunity to capture the beauty of the world and establish a unique library of material from all over the globe. The journey was extremely demanding. He transported drones, cameras, and equipment between airports around the world, climbed the highest mountains, and drove on gravel roads to capture his motifs, for example, in New Zealand. Behind each image and destination, there was a story of courage and extraordinary determination.

When Grim returned to Norway after his 500-day journey around the world, he found that "home is where the heart is." Norway's beauty is exceptional. Grim decided to document Norway and set out on a journey of a hundred days from Lindesnes to Nordkapp. Grim had a team with him and filmed deep fjords, high mountains, cities, water, and beaches. The spectacular 7-minute video was released on National Day in 2017 and has over 50 million views.
Kristian Jørgensen, director of Fjord Norway, wrote, "Grim was a fantastic creative person who has made and directed some of the absolutely most beautiful tourism films about Norway. He had a unique ability to captivate us."
Between all his projects, Grim found peace in front of the drawing board. He loved to draw and listen to music, preferably Hans Zimmer. In recent times.

Grim Berge History

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