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Seize the moment. Transform it into eternity. Explore a world of visual poetry through the lens of Grim Berge, an artist whose passion for capturing the beauty and mystique of everyday life is as unique as the images he created.

Grim Berge's photographs are more than just a gallery of images; they are a journey through emotions, moments, and adventures. Explore our diverse selection of photographs, each one a story in itself, and discover the deep connection between the artist and his subjects.

Whether it's majestic landscapes or the stunning structures of urban landscapes, you'll find something that speaks to your heart and touches your soul. Each image is carefully curated and presented with a unique perspective, vibrant and alive, ready to become a part of your home or workspace.

Natural Light, the company the family has taken over, aims to share with the world what Grim Berge himself saw through the lens of his camera. Natural Light boasts over 240 terabytes of films and images available to businesses in 4K resolution and to individuals alike.

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Here is Grim Berge's latest masterpiece, created in collaboration with Tron. This film is crafted as a tribute to the coast and our homeland, Norway. You can watch this film on YouTube.

Many still frames from the film are available for purchase, perfect for hanging on your wall in large sizes.

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What we do now

We have gathered all of Grim Berge's images that he wished the world to see, just as he saw it himself. And these images have been showcased here on the website so that you can have them for your own. The images are from various destinations around the world, where Grim traveled in recent years to 140-189 destinations on assignments from Expedia.

The clients we have listed as references have used a lot of our materials for printing on their walls or in production. NLE has an enormous library of film clips available. However, you will need to contact us for your specific needs. Much of this will be presented in a separate folder with a link.




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